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contemporaryart's Journal

Contemporary Art
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This is not a place to showcase your artwork.

- All self-promotional posts will be deleted without apology or explanation.

- Please post images of contemporary artwork (ie. living, working artists), links to websites, tidbits of things you read, discussions on contemporary art and similar topics, heads up as to upcoming shows etc.

- Or write about your favorite artist. Post pictures and a link to their website.

- Write about a show you saw. Tell us why you loved it. Tell us why you hated it.

- Show us what moves you, and leave the ego at home, please.

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Assorted Artist Website Links:

Odd Nerdrum
Jan Ove Tuv
Mark Ryden
Chuck Close
Anthony Ryder
Todd Schorr
Shephard Fairey
Cindy Sherman
Alex Grey
Joel-Peter Witkin
Jerome Witkin
Lucien Freud
Rust Boy
Eric White
Joe Sorren
Helen Garber
Vladimir Kush
Justin Bua
Michael Hussar
Jim Woodring
Craig Mullins
Bill Martin
Queenpin Deluxe
Masami Teraoka
Saturno Butto
Jorge Santos
Al Gury
Luis Sanchez
Brian O'Connor
Lisa Yuskavage
Matthew Barney
Jeff Koons
Liz McGrath
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